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Positive news: Ship Shape joins other employers in supporting veteran’s employment scheme

At a time of what feels like endless doom and gloom, we at Ship Shape are pleased to share some positive news (finally).

The government and employers are joining forces (ahem) to support veterans and employers who employ Armed Forces leavers, to ensure a better life for former military personnel. 

In this article, we look at what the Veteran Employers Group (VEG) is, and how it is helping mitigate the labour crisis by supporting businesses who employ veterans, and by helping veterans find employment which allows them to share their important skills.

Veterans leaving the Armed Forces often find it hard to find employment. But with an estimated 2.0 million armed forces veterans currently living in the UK, they represent a large portion of the potential workforce. 

Making the shift from working in the armed forces to civilian life can be difficult, and providing the right support is crucial to help veterans be successful and allow employers to benefit from the unique skills and experiences that they can offer.

Making the UK a better place for veterans

In early 2022, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson set out an action plan in a bid to make the United Kingdom “the best place in the world to be a veteran by 2028.” 

The Veterans’ Strategy Action Plan, which was announced in January 2022, contained 5 focal points for supporting veterans, one of which is “maximising veteran employability as the key to positive life outcomes”.

Ensuring that veterans are able to find suitable employment is crucial in helping veterans be successful outside of the armed forces. 

But getting a civilian job as a veteran can be intimidating, and many who leave the military do not make full use of the skills that they have gained while in service. This is a disaster at a time when the labour market is struggling with skill shortages and demand for quality talent is far outstripping supply.

National Insurance Contribution holiday

In this labour strapped time, the government is keen to support initiatives that will help bring much needed skills and talent to the labour market. 

So as part of the strategy to encourage businesses to support veterans in civilian employment, a National Insurance contribution holiday was announced to provide additional benefits for employers. From April 2022, employers of Service leaders can benefit from a 12-month National Insurance contribution holiday by applying for relief through PAYE. They can also claim back retrospectively for relevant contributions that have been paid since April 2021.

“Incredible impact” that veterans have on their employer’s organisation

As part of the Veteran’s Strategy Action plan, the Veteran’s Employment Group (VEG) is a new advisory group which focuses on members’ experiences of employing veterans. Established by the Office of Veteran’s Affairs and chaired by the Minister of State for the Armed Forces and Veterans, James Heappey, the group connects employers who have benefited from the skills brought by former members of the Armed Forces. 

At the first meeting of the Veteran Employers Group, several businesses discussed how employing veterans has had a huge impact on their business, with James Heappey saying, "It was fantastic to hear today from businesses on the incredible impact that veterans can bring to any organisation.”

We at Ship Shape are proud to support this initiative which will help connect employers with much needed talent. As an umbrella employer we welcome contractors from all walks of life and recognise the unique talents that can be brought by veterans. If you would like more information on working with Ship Shape, as a contractor or client, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 
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